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Artist Title Condition Label Price
Aliotta Haynes “Aliotta Haynes Music” NM/VG  SOC Ampex 10108 $15.00
American Breed “Pumpkin Powder Scarlet & Green” NM/VG (top split 6″) Acta 38006 $15.00
American Breed Lonely Side of the City New/VG Acta 38008 $15.00
Angels “My Boyfriend’s Back” VG/VG+ (name wr. on bk) Smash MGS 27039 $20.00
Paul Anka “Sings his Big 15” VG/EX- (corner crease) ABC323 $15.00
Paul Anka “Sings His Big Big 15” ABC 409 $15.00
Frankie Avalon “A Whole lot of Frankie” Chancellor CHL 5018 $15.00
Frankie Avalon “Frankie Avalon” Chancellor CHL5001 $20.00
Badfinger “Magic Christian Music “  NM/EX Apple ST 3364 $25.00
Beau Brummels ” The Beau Brummels” SS/CC WB 2842 $15.00
Brook Benton “Sings” CXS-210 $15.00
Brook Benton “There Goes That Song Again” MG 20673 $15.00
Brook Benton “Best of Ballads of Broadway” MG 20830 $15.00
Brook Benton “Golden Hits” MG 20607 $15.00
The Bishops “Cross Cuts” CWK 3009 $15.00
Bill Black’s Combo “Movin” EX/VG Monorail    HL12005 $15.00
Bonzo Dog Band “Tadpoles” (die-cut cover) NM/EX Imperial LP-12445 25.00
Wayne Cochran “Cochran” EX/VG+ COH Epic E-30989 $15.00
Wayne Cochran and his C.C. Riders “Alive & Well” EX/EX- COH King KS1116 $40.00
Count Bishops “The Count Bishops” NM/NM Chiswick #1 $15.00
Crow “Best of…” New/VG COH Amaret 5012 $8.00
The Cyrkle “Red Rubber Ball” CL 2544 $15.00
Dick and Dee Dee “Tell Me/The Mountain’s High” VG-/VG  Liberty 3236 $15.00
Donovan “The Best of” EX/EX Hickory LPS149 $25.00
Everly Brothers “The Very Best of the…” EX/VG WB1554 $15.00
Fabian “Hold That Tiger!” EX/EX Chancellor CHLS-5003 $50.00
Fat Mattress (Noel Redding) “Fat Mattress” EX/EX- CO Atco SD 33-309 $15.00
Flamin’ Groovies “Home to Roost” live 72 & rehearsal 71 SS BRR 003 $40.00
The Fleetwoods “Greatest Hits” EX/EX Dolton BLP-2018 $20.00
The Fleetwoods “In A Mellow Mood” New/EX Sunset  SUS 5131 $15.00
4 Seasons “Gold Vault of Hits” Philips PHM 200-196 $10.00
4 Seasons “Sing Big Hits by Burt Bachrach… Hal David… Bob Dylan” Philips PHS 600-193 $15.00
Peter Frampton and Humble Pie “Gemini” SS TKRWM 1810 $25.00
The Gentrys   s/t (w Jimmy Hart) NM/EX- COH Sun 117 $15.00
The Gentrys “Keep on Dancing” NM/EX- COH MGM E-4336 $15.00
Norman Greenbaum  With Dr. West’s Medicine Show and Junk Band NM/VG Gregar 101 $8.00
George Hamilton  “By George” New/EX – CO (stamp on bk) ABC 535 $25.00
Ronnie Hawkins “The Best of…” NM/VG (Cutout) SR 42045 $20.00
 Ronnie Hawkins “Greatest Hits” Db. LP SS Silver Eagle SE-10873 $16.00
Roy Head “His All-Time Favorites” NM/VG+ $15.00
Roy Head “Treat Me Right” EX/VG (S)S532 $25.00
Jimi Hendrix “Star Spangled Blues” Db. LP EX/EX Waggle 1935 $40.00
Jimi Hendrix “Live in Ottaway Canada  3/19/68” EX/EX $25.00
Jimi Hendrix “Legacy” Db LP Japanese import w lyric sheet EX/VG+ SOC $40.00
Jimi  Hendrix “Marshall  Sir James “Gypsy on Cloud Nine” db. LP EX/EX JP 106 $40.00
Jimi Hendrix “Guitar Giants Vol. 1” db. LP NM/NM/VG DB 80020 $30.00
Jimi Hendrix “Guitar Giants Vol. 3” db. LP NM/NM/VG DB 80022 $30.00
Jimi Hendrix “Flashback” SS 51 West Q 16028 $15.00
Jimi Hendrix “Unkown Wellknown” NM/EX $20.00
Jimi Hendrix “You Can’t Use My Name” EX/EX $30.00
Jimi Hendrix “The Good Die Young” db. LP EX/EX/EX $40.00
Illusion “Out of the Mist” NM/EX  Island 9498 $15.00
Tommy James “Roulette” EX/VG SR42051 $15.00
Jan and Dean “Drag City” VG+EX Liberty  LST 7339 $20.00
Jan and Dean “Oddities” SS Magic Carpet 2003 $15.00
 Jonathan King “Or Then Again….” EX/VG + COH Parrot  PA61013 $15.00
 Jonathan King “Pandora’s Box” NM/VG+ CC UKS53104 $15.00
The Kingsmen “Volume 3” EX/VG+COH Wand 662 $15.00
The Kingsmen “On Campus” EX/EX Wand 670 $15.00
The Fabulous Knickerbockers “Lies” CH 622 $20.00
Kiss “Kiss My Ass – Live In Houston” db. LP EX/EX/G Cosmos Stiletto KMA-922 $40.00
Kowalski “Workers” NM/EX VS639-12 $15.00
Katie Lee “Songs of Couch and Consultation EX/VG- (name wr. on bk) CNT-1
Little Richard “Every Hour” New/CO Camden CAS 2430 (e) $8.00
Liverpool Scene “Bread on the Night” SS+CC RCA  LP 4287 $15.00
The Lovin’ Spoonful “The Best of… Volume 2” VG+/VG (cutout) KLPS-8064 $15.00
Paul McCartney & Wings “London Town”(has poster of band) EX/EX Cap SW 11777 $15.00
The Mongols “Sleepwalk” NM/EX PR. 002 $15.00
Rick Nelson “A Long Vacation” VG+/VG+ Imperial LP 9244 $15.00
Rick Nelson “Love and Kisses” EX/VG+ (2″ top SS) Decca   DL 74678 $20.00
Rick Nelson “The Very Thought of You” EX/EX Decca  DL4559 $25.00
Rick Nelson “In Concert” EX/EX MCA 3 $10.00
Rick Nelson “Country Fever” VG/VG+ (COH) DL 74827 $15.00
Rick Nelson “For Your Sweet Love” DL 4419 $8.00
Rick Nelson “Million Sellers” LP-12232 $10.00
New York Rock & Roll Ensemble “Faithful Friends”(w. lyric sheet) NM/EX Atco SD33-294
Kenny O’Dell “Beautiful People NM/NM White Whale V401 $15.00
OMD So In Love (12 3 song Extended mix) EX/EX Virgin VS 76613 $4.00
Roy Orbison “There is Only One” NM/VG+ COH + PH MGM E 4308 $20.00
Roy Orbison “The Oribson Way” NM/VG (CO) E-4322 $15.00
Roy Orbison “Sings Don Gibson” VG+/VG (CO) E-442 $15.00
Roy Orbison “More of Roy Orbison’s Greatest Hits” VG+/EX MLP 8024 $15.00
Persian Gulf “Changing The Weather” NM/EX RREP001 $15.00
Pleasure Pudding “Sweet Pie” EX/EX ESP DISK 2004 $25.00
Paul Popei “The First” EX/VG++ $25.00
Billy Preston “The Most Exciting Organ Ever” SS EX-318 $15.00
Red Rider “Neruda” EX/EX/VG $15.00
Righteous Brothers “Back To Back” EX/EX Philles 4009 $30.00
Righteous Brothers “Right Now!” EX/VG- Moonglow  1001 $15.00
Righteous Brothers “Give It To The People” VG++/EX (Sleeve in shrink wrap) ST-9201 $15.00
Righteous Brothers “Just Once In My Life…” PHLP-4008 $15.00
Righteous Brothers “Greatest Hits EX-/VG Verve V6-5020 $20.00
Righteous Brothers “Soul & Inspiration” Verve V-5001 $15.00
Johnny Rivers “Rocks the Folk” EX/VG (CC) Imperial LP-12293 $15.00
Root Boy Slim “Don’t Let This Happen To You” NM/VG (CC) KS 0001 $15.00
Root Boy Slim “Zoom” EX/VG (COH) SP 006 $15.00
Root Boy Slim “Left For Dead” NM/VG (CC) KS 006 $15.00
The Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band “The Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band” SS (CC) Vanguard $15.00
Roxy Music “Golden Dreams: Recorded Live: Rotterdam, Holland and New York” Db. LP (Marilyn Monroe nude cover photo) EX/EX/VG Funny Tunes $50.00
Ruby and the Romantics “More Than Yesterday” EX/VG (COH) ABCS-638 $15.00
Mitch Ryder “Sings The Hits” NM/VG+ COH  New Voice 2005 $8.00
Sgt. Barry Sadler “Ballads of The Green Berets” NM/EX RCA  LSP 3547 $15.00
Santo & Johnny “Come On In” VG/EX SCALP 1006 $30.00
Santo & Johnny “Wish You Love” SCALP-1016 $30.00
Santo & Johnny “United States Lines” EX+/EX CALP 1008 $20.00
Santo & Johnny “Encore” CALP 1002 $10.00
Santo & Johnny “Mucho” NM/EX CALP 1018 $30.00
Neil Sedaka “Neil Sedaka” SS (with split seam) $10.00
The New Seekers “We’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” EX/VG (CC) Elektra $15.00
Sex Gang Children “Song and Legend” SS $15.00
The Shadows “Tasty” EX+/G EMC 3195 $15.00
Del Shannon “Little Town Flirt” Big Top 12-1308 $30.00
Del Shannon “Handy Man” Amy 8003 $20.00
Osborne Smith “The Eyes of Love” SS ARGO LP 4000 $15.00
Southside Johnny “Jukes Live At The Bottom Line” EX+/EX $30.00
Southside Johnny “Juke Boss” SS EX 4501-1 $25.00
Roger Ruskin Spear “Electric Shocks” NM/VG (CC) UA-LA097-F $15.00
The Spokesmen “The Dawn of Correction” EX/EX- PH Decca DL 4712 $25.00
Bruce Springsteen “The Boss of E Street” EX/EX $15.00
Bruce Springsteen “Interview Full Color Picture Disc” Limited Edition 5000 copies NM (unplayed) IW302B $8.00
Bruce Springsteen “The Boss in Boston” Db. LP EX/EX/EX $30.00
Bruce Springsteen “As Requested Around the World” Db. LP SS $30.00
Bruce Springsteen “And Then To Gothenberg” SS $30.00
Bruce Springsteen “Boss Hits the Beeb” Db. LP EX/EX+/EX $30.00
Bruce Springsteen “The Last Warm-Up” EX+/EX Warmup 685 $20.00
Bruce Springsteen “‘E’ Ticket” EX/EX $25.00
The Status Cymbal “In The Morning” EX+/VG- LSP-3993 $10.00
The Suburbs “Dream Hog” 6 Song EP SS/ CO MERC 811303 $6.00
George Thoroughgood & Destroyers “Jorge Y Los Destructores-Smokin’ Alive in ’85” NM/NM Banzai Toons 49351 $15.00
The Turtles “More Golden Hits” SS White Whale 7127 stereo $25.00
 The Ventures “Go With The Ventures” EX-/VG+ Dolton BLP 2045 $15.00